• Jobs operation with the process.

    Jobs operation with the process.

  • Professionally internal communication.

    Professionally internal communication.

  • Result oriented management.

    Result oriented management.

  • Managing anytime, anywhere.

    Managing anytime, anywhere.

What is Online Office?

I. Online Office software

Online Office Software is a smart and interactive system which constantly (online) support managing tasks in company. Via Online Office platform, all company members can easily interact with each other in daily tasks, communicating, work processing, information sharing, planning... The most important tool in Online Office is work or tasks management which support teamwork so that team members can easily process and keep track of their job via workflow monitoring; furthermore, the information will be constantly updated and well organized.

II. Online Office has 10 objectives

- Easy to setup and easy to use.

- Provide positive and quick change in teamwork after deploying.

- Reasonable investment cost.

- Provide an online tool that users can interact with each other anywhere, anytime.

- Information concentrates in one place.

- Create a friendly environment so that team members can freely share ideas, information or discuss on work related matters.

- Increase informatics skills, create a positive change in cognitive skills, information management skills and work processing behaviors and skills for all of company members.

- Provide an interactive tool for operating, monitoring and evaluating ISO process.

- Increase 40% performance for each company member.

- Provide tool for company management and HR management.


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