• Jobs operation with the process.

    Jobs operation with the process.

  • Professionally internal communication.

    Professionally internal communication.

  • Result oriented management.

    Result oriented management.

  • Managing anytime, anywhere.

    Managing anytime, anywhere.

Basic CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides method to approach and communicate with customers more effectively. All customers’ information will be stored and managed via the system (accounts, demands, contacts…) in order to “serve” better. Main objective of CRM is to search, attach new customers, maintain current relationships, bring old customers back, reduce marketing cost and open more services for customers. To measure and evaluate customers relationships is essential in achieving strategic objectives.


CRM includes all tasks in management, service and building relationship with customers.


Mail tools in our basic CRM:

- Custommers information: name, address, tax number, license id, founding date, …

- Revenue and liabilities management.

- Automatic notification for debt collection, deal due date, …

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