• Jobs operation with the process.

    Jobs operation with the process.

  • Professionally internal communication.

    Professionally internal communication.

  • Result oriented management.

    Result oriented management.

  • Managing anytime, anywhere.

    Managing anytime, anywhere.

Basic KPI

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) contains tools for measuring, evaluating performance via collected numbers, ratios, objectives in order to “indicate” performance of a staff or a department.

We want to apply KPI in our organization when we want to make sure all members in our organization will follow his/her responsibilities accordingly. With KPI, performance evaluation will be clear and transparent, specific and fair.

This module gather statis information of tasks’ status for every user in a chosen time:

-      Tasks engaging.

-      Tasks finished.

-      Tasks unfinished.

-      Tasks overdued.


These information can be used by HR department to indicate employee’s performance.

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