• Jobs operation with the process.

    Jobs operation with the process.

  • Professionally internal communication.

    Professionally internal communication.

  • Result oriented management.

    Result oriented management.

  • Managing anytime, anywhere.

    Managing anytime, anywhere.

Information management

1. Information portal

Announcements, regulations, public documents, company forms…
Users can view and download for quick application to his/her jobs. Users can also search all the database via keyword.

2. Announcement
Company newsletter and announcement tool (attachments included)
Viewing permission tool.

3. Personal contact book
Personalize contact for users to easily save all necessary information. (names, titles, emails, telephones…)
Keyword searching tool 
Automatic update when information changes.

4. Online library
Store all documents for reference.
5. Forum
All users can create new discussion thread (public) which only be moderated by administrator.

6. Business cards storage
Store all business cards for later reference.

7. Personal calendar
Automatic notifications
Sharing calendar.

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