• Jobs operation with the process.

    Jobs operation with the process.

  • Professionally internal communication.

    Professionally internal communication.

  • Result oriented management.

    Result oriented management.

  • Managing anytime, anywhere.

    Managing anytime, anywhere.

Tasks/Projects Management

1. Tasks management

Is an intelligent interactive system which support tasks involved person keeping track of every information for all of his/her current tasks such as:
- Task giver
- Task’s title and content (include attachments, if any)
- Team leader
- Processing team
- Following persons
- Start date, due date
- Workflow (keep track of feedbacks, reports, discussion…)
- Task’s status (in process, close to due date, overdue, waiting for approval, finished)

Also include:
- Support tools
- Personal authorization tool
- Projects management
- Creating personal calendar tool
- Tasks classification (in process, assigned, finished)
- Team performance & personal performance
- Keyword searching tool
- Finally, all information will be stored on the server includes all finished tasks.

2. Discussion
Users can create and reply on work-related topics via this tool which has permission allocation, only involved persons can view, reply and attach files.

3. Personal files & folders
Personal storage which can share for some specific other users.

4. Periodic reports
With this tool, employees can report to his/her supervisors, using all available tasks in Online Office or add new. After that, these officers can collect all information and report to higher level officers.
Information can be added to periodic reports:
- Finished tasks
- In processing tasks
- Tasks in planning
- Difficulties or proposals

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